November 29, 2020

Burna Boy Responds to Sho Madjozi’s “Own It” Accusation

Burna Boy has responded to the accusation made by South African artiste, Sho Madjozi.

In his response, Burna Boy stated that he had nothing to do with the flagging or dropping of “Own It Remix” from the internet as claimed.

The response was dropped on Twitter where the African Giant stated that the song, ‘Own It’ is not his hence he couldn’t have done what he is being accused of. Although he stated that “if” his vocals are in the song without his label’s authorization, then it’ll obviously get flagged.

Burna Boy also opined that Sho Madjozi should’ve reached out to him professionally rather than via Twitter.

He said;

“Own It is NOT my song.If my voice is on it however it should have been properly cleared.If the remix wasn’t cleared with the label(Atlantic US)it automatically gets flagged. Nothing to do with me personally or any award. Always best to reach out professionally. Congrats on BET’s!

Oh and congrats to my brothas for life Dave, hus and stormz who I’ve made LEGENDARY music with! We’re all nominees in the same category but UNITY will always be the real win for us!


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This is where Sho Madjozi Accuses Burna Boy of Taking Down “Own It Remix” Tweet below

South African singer, Sho Madjozi has accused Burna Boy of being the main reason ‘Own It Remix’ was taken down from the internet after its release.

To the South African singer, this is because they were both nominated for the BET Awards in the same category.

Sho Madjozi stated that the song, which has been on the internet for the past one month was taken down from different streaming platforms after a month of its release and this step was made right after her nomination alongside Burna Boy for the BET Awards as Best International Act.

The John Cena crooner made this serious accusation via Twitter with a thread, today, 25th of June, 2020 stating that Burna Boy has reached out to Stormzy’s team demanding they take it down and the team had made it known to her.

She went on to reveal how excited she was about the collaboration, revealing she had no idea she was this much a threat.

She said;

“For those asking where the #Ownitremix is, after I got nominated alongside him for BET Best International Act, Burna boy asked Stormzy’s team to take down the song immediately😅.

Song was out for a whole month before that, no problem.

Everyone nominated has done big tings and should be confident that their work will speak for itself. Personally I’m happy with the work I have done in the past year. John Cena was an international phenomenon, I did that 🤗



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